A high-concentration perfume specially designed as a gift for the sheiks and dignitaries who sponsored the opening ceremony of Hashtag Store - The Dubai Mall.

The fragrance Hashtag was named as a tribute to the department of Modee Designs Boutique found at The Dubai Mall.

This limited edition, which was specially designed as a gift for the sheikhs, turned into a collection of perfumes for sale after people insisted on requesting it and admiration to the scent of it. Modee Designs Management decided to launch these perfumes within an aromatic collection in Eau de Perfum grade.

The story of making this perfume stems from the belief in the power of cooperation and the principles of joint work, and the consolidation of the idea of supporting youth projects. Those ideas gathered in one place, one family, Hashtag Department Store, and therefore this perfume was made in appreciation of this family and the cooperation that units us. Hashtag perfume by Modee Designs in celebration of the opening of Hashtag Store - The Dubai Mall.

With a mixture that combines Italian luxury and elegance, after several experiments that lasted for several months, Hashtag perfume was extracted with its wonderful ingredients that combine an aromatic mixture of different flowers, with a high concentration and distinctive design, it bears the signature of Mohammed Al Memari, founder of Modee Designs.

Made and designed with love, with pure Emirati hands.