About Us

Modee Designs is a hub of artistic and entrepreneurial amalgamation where designs take shape. We create elegant and luxurious lifestyle products ranging from perfumes, chocolates, gift boxes for special occasions and events.

Modee Designs has its origins in the name Mohammed, in Arabic, which comes from "hamodi", the nickname of Mohammed. And further fused with the Italian concept of Neoclassicism and little fun to be called as "MODEE."

We have an in-house lab to create bespoke fragrance tailor-made to your tastes—our diversified business portfolio ranges from e-commerce to a cafe and a design studio. 

Modee Designs came into existence by our Founder/Director Mohammed Al Memari, in early 2019 and has been instrumental in creating custom fragrances, special collections, gifting for occasions.

The philosophy behind Modee Designs is to create happiness in every moment and spread positivity


About the Designer:

Mohammed Al Memari is an Aircraft Engineer who creates like an artist, and Modee Designs is where his ideas and vision take shape. To understand the right blend for making perfumes, he underwent special training in London under a brand with a legacy of over 190 years for four years. He brings his knowledge of art and science to create perfect pieces that define elegance and luxury. 

His inspiration comes from his childhood influence in Neoclassicism art (precisely Roman art) and architecture influences from the Greeks and Romans thanks to his mother, which he fuses with his Emirati heritage.

His designs and products exude the philosophy of being happy.